Weekly Score Results

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  1. psilocybin says:

    First week I win 5 day’s (Demo)
    Monday, 7-0 Tuesday, 6-0 Wednesday, 3-0 Thursday, 7-0 Friday, 1-0

    My goal was to be 15-0 for the week, I’m now 24-0.

  2. patita says:

    My weekly score was 8-2.
    Bad day today 0-1 (still recovering, lost on real account…), but an overall good week for me.
    I feel so confident on demo, but when i turn to the real account, i feel nervous and make dumb mistakes… Does this happen to you also?

  3. Successtrade says:

    Live trade began midweek: 8/28/13
    Score for the Wednesday thru Friday: 12-4 ending week in the green! Thanks Franco

  4. Paul, says:

    39-10 for the first week, need to work on following the rules and sticking to the game plan without overtrading. hope for a better next week. Thanks a lot Franco.

  5. fredmar says:

    Score for the week is 12-2. I had a 5-0 day on frriday with 2 mg. These trades were all 2m.

  6. Ten says:

    I got smoked this week with a final count of 5 – 11. Don’t know what happened was following as much as possible. Last week on the demo account i went plus 50 and 1. This week I rarely martingaled and when I did I lost. Didn’t win the week but will be back next week to fight again.

  7. Ziggy says:

    27-7 for the week
    I didn’t keep track of my martingales but I probably did about 5 or 6 martingales.
    Game Plan starts next week! Going to follow the rules to the “T”!

  8. Ruwan says:

    What a great week 39-0 with 15 MG
    Thx for the week
    Thx Lot!!!!!!!!!!!! for Franco

    Have a nice weekend team

  9. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    Week ended with a 12-3. Lost on Tuesday. Had to take Wednesday off to get the mindset right. Had not lost in a while and it hit me hard. But Thursday and Friday were good. So in the end achieved my weekly financial goal.

  10. Alex5 says:

    This week ended with a 19-4 which is an okay score for my first week using a real account 🙂

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