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  1. Natalia says:

    My basic suggestions:

    1. Take care with “red” days; it’s means, days with big news (Nonfarm Payrolls, Unemployment Rate, etc.), meetings, Obama, Draghi or Bernanke speeches…. Franco advertise these but you can go to any financial website and look the economic calendar (, investing. com, etc)
    2. Focus in just one or two assets and find which ones makes you feel more comfortable. For example, I trade only yen pairs (EUR/JPY, USD/JPY, GBP/JPY) and EUS/USD
    3. Follow the bias and sentiment (you can find in the Blog)
    4. Keep an eye on DX… Dollar Index is the markets “thermometer”
    5. Don’t trade when you feel bad, down, sad or sick. You’ll need all your attention and concentration. Trade in a peaceful place and take the first half hour (9 to 9.30) to turn off the phone, prepare a good coffee and convince yourself that will be a winning day. Follow your instinct and listen your heart. There are days that’s better to stay away to the trades.
    6. Finally, read carefully the “Quick Study Guide” (ask Franco), all the times that you need. Chuck wrote it very detailed and has all the necessary elements to understand what you’ve to do. And LISTEN all that Franco says.

    My strategy:
    Franco offers many possibilities: he puts in your hands all that you need to take your dreams and you just should find your own way.I share the strategy that works for me:

    Looking for reversals, following the trend:

    I always felt better trading with the trend. It means, if the trend asset is down, only take down opportunities. This is a profession to prove your patience and discipline: if the trend is down and the pair go up, wait… wait….wait… it will go back down again… you don’t need to tempt fate.

    An example:

    1. If the trend is UP, just take tradesup when the pair is ABOVE blue MA(60)…..and viceversa: trade down when the trend is DOWN and the candle is BELOW blue MA.
    2. Wait to be close to blue MA.
    3. When the pinky arrow appears, take the trade in the NEXT candle


    4. I DON’T trade when is crossing MA… no matter if the trend is up or down: stay away and wait…


    5. Neither, I don’t trade when there’s slow volume, which is usually when the banks are closed, holidays or news are close.

    Finally, seek your profit plan, which can be daily, weekly or monthly. In my case, it’s monthly because sometimes, I can’t be in the room. Start with a realistic and an no-ambitious plan.I hope you find it useful.

    I’m here to help, if you need.

    Cheers! And good luck!

  2. STUG says:

    Theory From Stug…

    First thing, FOLLOW THE RULES TO THE T.
    DO NOT TRADE ON BREAKS, no matter how good the setup looks (I know its tempting)
    NEVER trade on a cross.
    to be SAFE as possible ONLY trade on the trends (this is to be the safest possible)
    Never trade if there is a conflicting arrow, like and up then a down, pass on it, 3 min rule applies here.
    This is where MY theory is different to alot of others, when you see a strong signal you want to trade on, DONT take it as soon as the pink arrow shows up wait for it to START to move in that direction before you take it, it WILL cost you a couple points BUT it very rarely STARTS to go in the correct direction THEN fails, its rare.
    while doing this study all Franco’s rules, their ALL there for a reason and they ALL need to be in play for this to work.
    I stop every day at 5 of 11 o clock
    I LOVE Lee’s theory personally and all my rules/suggestion can be matched with the Lee theory and when put together it almost NEVER misses
    BE PATIENT guys, if you only do 3 trades a day to wait for that PERFECT arrow there is nothing wrong with that at all, once you get this system MAKE THOSE 3 COUNT, never over trade

  3. admin says:

    Binary Options Strategy

    I have noticed a strong pattern with the signals.
    Refer to box #1.
    When there is a good sized candle like the green candle, especially if it hits the Bollinger band, and the next candle turns red without a signal, you can predict that the candle after will have a pinkie pointing down. If it actually DOES show up, you can be confident in the trade. And because I have already predicted it, I would already have it set up to take the trade. So AS SOON AS I SEE THE PINK, I take the trade for 60 seconds. But noticed how the red candle after the green is only about half the size of the green one, this is GOOD because if the red candle becomes about the same size as the green one or bigger, I don’t consider the trade anymore.

    Refer to box #6
    Look at the last two yellow circles at the top right corner of box #6. This strategy happened back to back which is uncommon. Notice how all that action happened right at the Bollinger bands. I was too late on seeing the pinkie going up. But I saw that there was a small red candle after and I went to go set up the trade. But 10 seconds before the pinkie going down, Franco blocked the screen with the newsbreak website and I cried because I wasn’t able to see pinkie show up to confirm my trade. But it’s ok Franco.

    The two signals I just talked about in box #6 is the strongest form of this strategy. But just be careful of DX and Newsbreaks because sometimes DX will eat up those pinkies and go the opposite way of the pinkie. But on the most part you can be confident in this strategy. I hope this helps! Good luck everyone!


  4. Ten says:

    First off thanks for everyone in the room and Franco for answering all these questions. You guys and gals are awesome!!!

    I would love some insight into DX correlation. What strategy are you guys using to correlate the DX to the signals on your trades.

    Here is a good list of things to cover in your reply…

    a) Are you only using DX correlation and if so can you only correlate DX to certain assets?

    b) How much does correlation play a role in your decision to enter into a trade?

    c) Many websites and plugins offer instant correlation calculator. Some even can give you different time periods (I.E the day, the hour, 5min) How much time are you monitoring in your correlations? (example – Do you only need to see a correlation between pairs of currency in the last 5 mins to strengthen your signals?)

    d) any pitfalls you encounter when trying to correlate.

    Thanks in advance. Go team!

  5. Ruwan says:

    I’m really sorry mistakenly I post my Score on this page. Please remove this Franco

  6. Ruwan says:

    Another Happy ending 9-0 with 3MG

    Hard day but happy ending
    Thx for the day
    Thx lot for Franco

  7. Ten says:

    2min or 5min is a topic of much debate. Today I lost 2 trades of 60sec and won my final trade which was 2min. I haven’t tried the 5 mins yet.
    Its important to note that my 2 losses did occur in the first hour of trading so that needs to be taken into consideration. Tomorrow I’m going to implement the following rules for my trading and post the results here
    1. No trading before 10:00
    2. Only execute 2 min trades
    3. Only execute trades with a SA or pink and whites on candles next to each other.
    I’ll post the scores in my next post.
    4. Follow all other rules to the letter.

    For those who are trading in 5 mins it would be great to see some examples of the “perfect setup” for 5 mins. I’ll try to grab some screens of the “perfect setup” for 2 mins and we can compare the strength of the signals.

  8. Chuck says:

    OK guys here is something that I have spent quite a while looking at.
    We all know that either pink or blue arrows inside a white arrow are good solid signals.
    I have been looking primarily for them (with or against the bias) lately.

    With the bias placement is a bit less important but against the bias a White with Blue NEEDS to be at or past the BBand with good space to the MAs.

    BUT… consider this….

    Today I really focused on this and tracked them all out carefully.
    I saw 13 of these arrow in arrow closed candles. I am proposing the term ‘doubles’ to be more friendly a term for documentation etc.
    We can all decide on what term we should potentially switch from ‘pregnant arrow’ to… but I digress….

    What I noticed and will continue to pay attention to is this.

    If you took every ‘Super arrow’ on a 300 second trade…. then if you loose one you wait and martingale the NEXT ‘double’ arrow trade that comes along.
    This is true broken martingale, meaning that if you loose a trade you stop trading that setup and wait for another ‘Super arrow’ to appear. This can be the same asset or another, but it is another completely new setup.

    We had the EJ today fail on a ‘double’ but 4 candles later it fired another ‘double’… perfect opportunity to martingale the first trade and it would have closed a net win.

    I did not see 2 consecutive ‘double’ trades fail today. Yes there were 3 setups that failed, but today you would have only had to go into the first martingale leg and would have come out of the day 10/0…..
    I believe that following the rules of news and DX it would be VERY hard to have 2 consecutive losses thus forcing you into a 3rd leg martingale trade.

    Food for thought bit it has my attention no doubt.

    Trade on my friends!

    “When did trading become so stress free?”

    • Chuck says:

      There is a mix of terminology in here.

      I am proposing “Super Arrows” that can be shortened to Supers or SA ….. I didn’t proof read all the text before posting…

      As you were….

      “Why am I so confident and disciplined while trading”?

    • sanchez says:

      Chuck, thank you very much for your great insight, very revealing!

      If I understood properly and your observations are confirmed with more testing, if we just follow double arrows with a broken martingale our chances of winning consistenly are almost 100%. That sounds fantastic!!!

      One question: of those 13 double arrows you talk about, some of them were “perfect set ups” (close to the Bollinger Band, away from Moving Averages, away from crosses, following the bias, etc.) and others didn´t have in consideration those prerequisites. Am I correct?

      Keep the awesome work you are doing, Chuck, very appreciated!

  9. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    Think about this statement from Anthony Robbins:
    -The questions you ask consistently will create either enervation or enjoyment, indignation or inspiration, misery or magic. Ask the questions that will uplift your spirit and push you along the path of human excellence.

  10. Mosh Pit says:

    A newbie observation
    Doing the math, it’s becoming apparent to me that a good strategy is to aim for consistent 3-0 days. logic usually points to ” 4-0, 5-0 is better, don’t you think?” but the odds of getting those numbers are much higher and riskier, while aiming for daily consistant 3-0 can pay off in a six figure year.
    To get 3-0 takes discipline and a sharpened eye for the three best trades in the two hours we are here (Actually, according to the rules, we really have a one hour golden window of trading, if that)
    What I need to find out from this point on is which pinkies will pop as opposed to those that don’t. The other day i picked one that didn’t go anywhere, just grinded
    So far the best is a pink inside a white. You might see maybe one of those a day. Next would be one that shows “space” and large, active candles, as opposed to tight, grinding, near the green line candles
    Im seeing and hearing that a lot of people are now going for 120 seconds on a good arrow and five minutes on a hot arrow, does this sound right?

  11. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    I read this statement from Bob Proctor and had to copy it to here.

    Negative inclinations don’t disappear because you decide they should. It is an ongoing struggle and you have to commit to winning if you are succeed. KNOW that you can do it!

  12. julia says:

    Thanks guys so much for sharing ! All of you!!!
    Wish you all much much success !!!

  13. jdub011 says:

    the 5 min is working great for me.

  14. deniss says:

    How many computers do you use when trading? Arrow white and pink should be together on a candle, then stronger signal?

    • admin says:

      i use 5 monitors…yes the white and pink need to be together or 1 after the other

    • DeOldPower says:

      Dennis, yes I pull the 5 minute trigger when I see either a:
      -pink arrow & white arrow on same candle
      -pink arrow & white arrow next to each other
      OR EVEN
      -2 white arrows with atleast 1 pink in it somewhere
      (BUT if trading 60 seconds I have realised that it works better pulling the trigger at the start of the next candle AFTER u see the above conditions)

      • jdub011 says:

        i am starting to like the 5 minutes, switched from 1 – 2min and my success rate has doubled. the 5 min is working wonders for me now to.

        • DeOldPower says:

          Yes I think 5 minutes are GREAT. Personally I would recommend 5 minutes to someone who has a gasp understanding of price action & who recognises that the price has gone far enough to trigger a 5 minute & then wait for Franco’s signal to turn the trade into a rock solid one. (usually this is very powerful on double tops & bottoms OR on triple tops & bottoms as well as solid supports & resistances. But careful though, sometimes it goes straight through. Use Franco’s signals & u simply cannot go wrong)

        • Ravi says:

          What Platform do you use for the 5 min trades?

  15. DeOldPower says:


    RULE 1
    Think Positive

    RULE 2
    U MUST know in advance how many candles u are going to martingale upto. DON’T attempt to go forever. U will find u loosing your account before u win.

    RULE 3
    If u have TOS, USE IT PROPERLY. Notice around the curser it has brown vertical & horizontal hair lines. These will follow on the screen wherever u move the curser to. Zoom out of your chart & use the hairlines to line up with previous support & resistance lines. When u have the price which has moved to a support or resistance area AND u have Franco’s signal on top (preferably white & pink) I usually pull the trigger on 5 minutes. Using this strategy in combination with a bias will give u a very powerful strategy which is what I use.

    RULE 4
    LEARN to walk away in 2 cases.
    CASE 1: when u are winning & have reached your game plan score
    CASE 2: after u have had certain amount of losses. (my stop loss is 0-3. After which I come back the next day with my sleeves rolled up a little more)

    RULE 5
    KEEP AWAY FROM grinding candles. Basically if u have a signal & all above conditions, ONLY trade when there is enough space between the green line (M8) & the trigger point. When checking for space this is a good time to check that u are NOT on a cross.

    Hope this Helps

  16. Natalia says:

    Hey guys!
    As you know, I’m in the Franco’s room since one year (I think, I’m the oldest in the room). Forex I started 3 years ago, and 2 years in Binary Options. It’s been a long way of learning!
    When I found this room, I had “burned” Binary Options three accounts and I thought I’d never do well. Franco and his room was my last “experiment”.

    Many things have changed over this year and Franco has worked very hard every day to give us the best signals. We’ve learned, him and us, from our mistakes… we’ve learned to be very patient and careful, we’ve learned to understand that this is NOT a game and it can be a good tool for our happiness (not happiness itself) .. . We’ve learned to love ourselves and take care of each other.

    We’ve not met personally, but we’ve “built a beautiful family” and all of you (mainly Franco) are part of my daily life … and I miss you when I can’t be …

    I think we all know what is the strategy … is so simple! But I think the hardest part is to decide when NOT trade. DD said in the previous post: mindset is the key. And for me, feeling and hearing my heart. Not always I’ve a good day and when I’m not positive and happy, I’m just not in the room and not risk my money (some days I can’t be here cause my work).

    What do I do? … Well … I’ve always been a “friend bias” and “friend trend”. I trade only behalf bias and trend. I wait strong signals: white arrow + arrow pink, ‘ve been “Bollinger Bands kiss” and confirm with yellow dot. I take the next candle after the arrows and only five seconds later.

    It is very important to have a fast internet connection, a big cup of coffee and been calm. Before loggin in the room, I look the charts, read the news and decide which pairs to trade … only those who have clear trends, the candles aren’t small and if we don’t have very important news ….

    Anyway … I’m here to help all who need it… always.

    And to Franco, although he knows, I thank him with all my heart. I love his honesty and his transparency, his effort every day, his joy and his voice that inspires me confidence.

    Sorry by my mistakes… isn’t simple to me to write in english.

    See you in the room!!!

  17. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    My nr rule is: ONLY TRADE WITH A POSITIVE MINDSET. When I enter the room, I know I will win. When for some reason I do not have this mindset. Like when my wife and I have an argument, I do NOT Trade. I have lots of patience and I only trade the pairs with the strongest bias and wait for White arrows with a pinkie. I only place about 3-4 winning trades and then leave. I rather keep my winning mindset, then ending the days with a loosing trade. I use “Afformations” by Noah St John to help me with my mindset. just ask yourself this question everyday: Why is it so easy for me to pick the winning trades?? And see what happens.

    Have Fun!


  18. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    For me “mindset” is the most important. I have a winning mindset. Everyday I start trading I already know I will win. I have many visuals on my walls around me, telling what to do. Most importantly is being patient and only trade with a positive mindset. I only trade the pairs wits the strongest bias and wait for white arrows with pinkies. I do not trade against the bias. This way I only place maybe 4-5 winning trades, which is enough for me to live very comfortably. I am not greedy. I rather keep my winning mindset. I use “Afformations” to help me. Google it; its by Noah St John. That really helps me getting in the right state of mind. Ask yourself the right questions. Like: Why is it so easy for me to pick the winning trades?

    Hope this helps


    • psilocybin says:

      Thanks D.D for. “Afformations” by Noah St John

    • Chuck says:

      Thanks “D” and thanks again for turning me on to Afformations as well!

      “Why am I such a confident trader?”
      “When did trading become so stress free for me?”


  19. max says:

    hi julia, i personally wait for the arrows to solidify then place a trade on the next candle (after the arrow). some guys place the trade once they saw a “flashing” arrow but I personally think it is much riskier cause of the lag from franco’s room to my own screen hence i always place the trade on the opening of the next candle.

    as always I also check other indicators before placing a trade even if the arrow shows up. a good indicator would be the space between the price action (candle), additionally never trade during newsbreak and dx alerts (though sometimes I cheat esp. if i see a really good setup).

    and you are quite right that timing is everything here, that’s the main reason why demoing for at least 2 weeks would greatly enhance you chance of putting a winning trade. plus it will definitely give you confidence once you’re beating the demo.

  20. julia says:

    Hey guys, those who win consistently, I have a question about timing . When you see a signal forms how fast do you enter a trade? Do you wait for the candle to agree with the direction of a signal? Do you try to enter on this very first candle with a pink/blue arrow on it ?
    One thing I earned in this game – timing is everything . Demo my 1st week. Thank you!

  21. Mary says:

    For those that want inspiration read a Book Called Living the Life Novattione, powerful book follow link.

    Enter a trade on a four candle strategy it maximises your chances of winning by far. if your 100% positive about a bid enter 1 or 4 more bids at the same time but this is EXTREMLY RISKY. remember sometimes you have to reverse the reversal signal and make sure you have solid trading knowledge too if not then work on it.

    • drc says:

      Mary, can you give an example of what you mean by a “four candle strategy”

    • julia says:

      Thanks Mary,
      You seem to be trading like a pro , can you give us more advice on your strategies? How do you handle pinkies? You take it on the first candle or wait until fourth?
      Thank you !

  22. Scotty8591 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Initially started out with 24option $10,000 demo after $400 deposit…. First couple of weeks couldnt go wrong but lost most of my demo a/c following trading and martingaling outside of Franco session on all sorts of stocks I knew nothing about as well as broker advice.

    Now have GTOptions $50,000 demo after $1,000 deposit and now only will trade on Franco sessions…..

    Giving 30sec trades a rest as 2min and 1min seem more workable with pinks and bias

    Stick to the rules and you will win….


  23. admin says:

    Pinkies on 1 and 2 minutesHi franco- I took a screen shot of the charts today and I wanted to show it to you to point out some interesting data
    it seems, at least in this time frame, the pinks respond best within two minutes and five minutes- 60 seconds they didn’t pop half the time

    what do you think?

    anyways thanks for your room, it’s going to be great, i feel it

    Alex (Mosh)

  24. Armani says:

    Hello Guys Hope This Helps
    -I trade only if the asset correlates with the DX
    -I ask myself before i trade would i put my last dollar on it!
    -I only trade if i catch the signal within 10 seconds of it appearing.
    -Because the next candle can easy be the exact opposite of the previous candle.
    -Another trick i learned i call it late correlation if the DX has a big red candle and an asset like the usd/jpy hasn’t went down yet wait for a signal and its almost garanteed.
    -I average 10-0
    I hope this has helped someone just starting and if you stick with Franco you cant lose!

  25. Ruwan says:

    Hi All
    My Strategy is waiting, waiting and waiting for get really good signal for match my checklist. First I took all signals I got on system using demo account. It’s gave me an idea about how signals work. After that I imagine my demo account as my real account and pick only few good trades per day.
    After one week I saw that system work and I can make profit. Then I continue that strategy using my real account.
    Now every day I end up with my trading in smiley face.
    Best Signal For me
    One solid white arrow on Bollinger bands
    Second white arrow with pinky on Bollinger bands
    If this signal not in Bollinger band it’s not good signal for me.
    If I can’t see one white solid arrow it’s not good signal for me.
    I trade 60 sec
    I follow DX and other room rules 100%
    Unfortunately I get signal after 10sec it’s appearing on Franco screen. But that signals still work for me
    Thx all
    Specially thx for Franco (You already changed my Life)

  26. scollins79 says:

    As a newbie of 4 weeks I would like to share my experience.
    – 1st defo recommend 2 weeks demo.
    – Now I trade to get 3-0 everynight then I leave. – – 1st week 15-0.
    – 1st week I trade just $25 Dollars Broken Martingale.
    – 2nd Week Im more comfortable Im trading $50.
    – I trade going with the bias and fellow the rules.
    – I trade when there is good seperation between green line and close to bollinger band.
    – I dont trade if I missed a good price.

    Hope this helps scollins79.

  27. Irina says:

    For a good results today I take all signals from bolinger bands. I like blue arrows, they make more stronger white arrows signals. 6-0 and thats really amazing on Monday!

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