PINK Scores…Tell us what you saw.

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  1. borncorp says:

    I had 4 wins 0 losses following the pink arrows on 60 secs trades. Does anyone know how to see the charts with the pink arrow after the live session?

  2. Alex5 says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’ve been taking a lot of pinks (no superarrows) over the past few weeks. Here is my score:

    straigth wins: 43 out of 74 pinkies
    1. martingale: 17 out of 74 pinkies
    2. martingale: 11 out of 74 pinkies

    I lost 1 2. martingale and 2 pinkies got tie in the first martingale

    So the final score is: 71-5

    Hope this helps!

  3. scollins79 says:


    Example of failing pink:

    Entry point is next pink signal:


    My Account: Wins won on 2min by hefty margin (No Sweating) 😀 The losing trade is not a failed pink.


    Overall: Looks very promising but time will tell.

  4. scollins79 says:

    *******FAILING PINKS**********




    Guys see pics for failing pinks. I have only tested on pinks and not blue, seems to work great up to 5mins. Loss on trade history was just normal trade, other trades won by big margin (No Sweating) all on 2min trades.

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