Daily Score Results

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  1. Hpiracing15 says:

    12-0 (9 straight, 3 first leg marts)

    *yesterday was 2 first leg not second leg marts.

  2. davidcollymore says:

    6-0 On September 11 -13.
    Assets GBP / USD
    Type of Trade: 60 Seconds.
    Profit today: 420 USD
    Investment: 100 USD.
    i Love binary options trading! …

  3. Hpiracing15 says:

    13-0 (two 2nd leg marts) over-traded today but was feeling good.

  4. Ten says:

    Proud to say i went 0 – 0 today. The markets were way to unstable and I was able to keep a level head and avoid disaster. Chuck has come up with a new system of push ups for every dx and news break and its awesome! thats makes the DX so easier to deal with mentally. BINARY OPTIONS FITNESS!!!! πŸ˜€

    Binary Options Fitness Club

    • Chuck says:

      You catch me today buddy? LoL
      I feel like I am gonna get a run for my money on this one.

      2 weeks and we put a chair under our FEET!


      As a VERY good friend and mentor once told me…..

      Don’t neglect health to chase wealth only to later in live give all your wealth to chase health !!!

    • psilocybin says:


  5. Scotty8591 says:

    Hi everyone,

    Today was Day 3 of my Gameplan and it was good….

    My Gameplan is 4-0 compound starting at $20 trades although these are 2% early on of my balance rather than 5% but will crank it up as I keep demoing and improving my skills

    7-0 Real A/c GTOptions up $77 mainly $20 trades mixed with a couple of accidental $5 trades on GBP/JPY and a couple of Martingales

    4-0 Demo A/c 24Option up $50 with $24 trades and 4 Martingales…..

    I still need timing adjustments but am getting there quickly and when I complete my cycles am looking forward to the $300 trade days which will come…


  6. davidcollymore says:

    Sept 4
    Score: 7-0
    60 seconds trade.
    0 – Martingale.

  7. Successtrade says:

    Labor Day 9/2/13: 9-0
    9/3/13: 9-0

  8. Ziggy says:

    Hello guys,
    Most of our trading session was flat, but was able to make it a winning session!
    4-1 with 2 martingales. 60 sec. trades
    Moving in the right direction on my game plan!

  9. Scotty8591 says:

    Hi everyone

    My screenshots have gone to Franco for today which was day 2 of my game plan with real money and demo a/c running side by side.

    Real a/c GTOptions 4-0
    Demo 24Options 3-0

    See ya


  10. Hpiracing15 says:

    4-0 in the first half hour and left the room. Learning to not get greedy and to stick to a 3-0 or 4-0 gameplan.

  11. Ziggy says:

    Hello guys,
    8-0 with 4 martingales.

  12. Scotty8591 says:

    7-0 with 2 Marts (possibly 3 because 1 mart was 5 times the loss)

    24-5 for week

    Up $445 today $820 week

    Here is my screen shot
    Binary Options Franco Weekly Results

    See ya Monday


  13. Ziggy says:

    7-2 for today
    My mindset was perturbed because on my first trade, my auto refresher kicked in the middle of my trade! I lost the trade couldn’t find it to now if i lost or won. I probably would’ve martingale to recover my loss, BUT I got upset and it threw me off. so my next trade was also a loss also.
    I was able to calm down and concentrate on my other trades and came out on top!

  14. Ruwan says:

    3-0 with 1MG
    Tight Friday
    Thx Franco

  15. tk says:

    5-0 today… 14-0 last three days..

    There were a few hard one…..one went 4th martingale…wow.

  16. Ten says:

    0 – 0 today. I played very conservative. Today was rough and not a lot of action for those looking for the perfect signals. At least its not 0 – 3. Win the week not the day!

  17. Ruwan says:

    Another Happy ending 6-0 with 2MG
    Hard day but Good Day

    Thx lot for Franco

  18. psilocybin says:

    Today was a hard day. 3-0 on demo (one 4MG)
    I’m winning 3 days in a row with demo + MG.
    Tomorrow will demo to, thane from Monday I will go on real account.

  19. davidcollymore says:

    4-0 / Thursday 8/29
    0 Martingale.
    2 Minutes format.
    GToption Broker.,
    Awesome Day!.

  20. R.P says:

    My score for today is 3-0
    Yesterday was 3-1

  21. Ziggy says:

    I thought I was 4-0, but overlooking my trades, I did a martingale after a loss so I’m 5-0 for the day!

  22. Ruwan says:

    Another Happy ending 9-0 with 3MG
    Hard day but happy ending
    Thx for the day
    Thx lot for Franco

  23. psilocybin says:

    I’m back to Demo and testing Martingal.
    Yesterday 11-0 (2 time 3 leg martingal)
    Today 4-0 (1 time 4 leg martingal)

  24. Irina says:

    Hello Guys! Today is not the best day to trade but I’m done))) 10-0 clear
    Franco please add my screen to this post)
    I traded actually on USD/CAD, AUD/USD and NZD/USD and />all on 60sec without martin. I never take the trades on across, I’m afraid across)) Luck! Have a good day and be patience! See you

    Franco Binary Options Trading Signals

  25. Alex5 says:

    ended with a 4-0 today! yay

  26. Irina says:

    Hello Guys! Today is not a best to trade but I’m done) http://clip2net.com/s/5EaLc5
    good looks AUD/USD, NZD/USD, USD/CAD all on 60sec

  27. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    Today I lost big time 3-4. I broke my nr 1 Rule. ” Only trade with a positive mindset” There was a unresolved argument with my wife and I got very frustrated with the DX flashes during my 5 min Trades. I tried another strategy, but this was not the right day for me. I will see my Coach on Wednesday and will make sure I will be back with a vengeance.
    “Why do I listen to my intuition when making decisions”


  28. Ten says:

    # of Days Trading: 8
    Daily Results: 1-2 (No Martingales)
    Type: 60 sec – 2 loses /// 2min – 1 win
    Account Type: Real

    Its important to note that the 2 loses took place in the first hour of trading. The guide warns you about the signals. Tomorrow i will not trade at all in the first hour and only do 2min trades. I will post the results tomorrow.

  29. Ruwan says:

    Another nice day 11-0 with 4MG
    Thx for the day
    Thx Franco

  30. jackman says:

    10-1 real, 5-2 demo used 2 min trades

  31. Chuck says:

    2-0 on 300 second trades with the ‘Super Arrows’ arrow being the trigger.
    1 each with and against the bias.

  32. Ruwan says:

    Another 10-0 with 4 MG
    Thanks for the day
    Thx Lot Franco

  33. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    4-0 Great start of the week

  34. jackman says:

    7-0 real money first day. Small $20 trades and 3 $50 martingales. Also did 4-0 demos

  35. davidcollymore says:

    7-0 Monday 26,.
    60 seconds and 2 minutes system.
    Perfect Day!.

  36. Alex5 says:

    Awesome monday! thanks Frango

  37. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    15-1 for the week. I love my job, I love my life!!

  38. Ruwan says:

    5-0 Franco
    What a Good Friday
    Thx Lot

  39. Successtrade says:

    11-2 demo (4 mart)
    5th day in room
    3 day trading demo
    Thx franco

  40. Chuck says:

    3-0 on a DX filled day.
    As always thanks much Franco.

  41. psilocybin says:

    3-0 No martinagal 2 min only. First time that I win in trading. I think I’m getting this, Thanks Franco!

  42. davidcollymore says:

    2-0 Thursday
    60 Seconds trades.
    In my demo account
    Very difficult day in the market

  43. Scotty8591 says:

    Results for 21st August 2013

    16 Trades in total
    4 wins outright on 1st candle
    6 – Losses
    6 + Martingales
    10 – 0


    $ 940 invested

    $1,190 return
    >>$ 250 profit <<

  44. Scotty8591 says:

    Hi Franco,

    How do we get access to the blog controls to allow us to place screenshots in the blog comments ???


  45. admin says:

    max reporting for duty sir!

    my trade for today with 7 wins on a single martingale. i put the wrong amount on the mart but it still works for me. same strategy and respecting all the rules.

    will be starting to trade big amounts after a month (slowly building my confidence on pinkies + bias). you’re system is just plain awesome! πŸ™‚

    Franco Binary Options Signals Results

  46. Sylvie says:

    Nice sunny Wednesday with 7-1
    (60 seconds, 1 martingale)

    Thank you Franco, I love the trading room πŸ™‚

  47. Ruwan says:

    HI Franco
    Another wonderful day. End with smiley face
    Today my score is 9-0 (Martingale) (60 Sec)
    Thx Franco

  48. zul says:

    2-0 today. thanks franco

  49. Ruwan says:

    HI Franco
    Another wonderful day. End with smiley face
    Today my score is 9-0 (Martingale) (60 Sec)
    Thx Franco

  50. max says:

    7-0 today with 2 martingales (one on a 2nd mart and the other on a 3rd mart). I’m still trading small amounts though cause I still need to build my confidence on the pinkies + bias.

  51. Wellington says:

    4-1 today! Trying to be very selective

  52. zul says:

    2-0 today feeling great. thanks franco

  53. psilocybin says:

    Daily Results: 4-3
    Type: 120 sec
    Account Type: Real

  54. max says:

    7-0 today with 1 martingale and with the FOMC looming on the horizon it’s a good day for me. My account is UP by 250$ cause i started taking small trades with the pinkies on a bias. I would be taking higher trades after a month of building my confidence with the pinkies on a bias.

  55. scollins79 says:

    between 3-0 and 4-0 for 8th day in a row. πŸ˜€

  56. davidcollymore says:

    on Wednesday 21
    Awesome day again!

  57. bgallotte says:


  58. Greg M says:

    5-0 today. No martingale.

    Hope to do better tomorrow.

  59. D.D. (Dennis) says:

    4-0 again. Loving my job.

  60. jackman says:

    9-0 on demos today. up for the week over $1100 in my demo account. Next week real money

  61. Dimitri says:

    HI guys, great day yesterday 1.0 on real account and 20.3 on demo with no marts on 2 mins.

  62. Ten says:

    # of Days Trading: 2
    Daily Results: 2-0 (1 Martingale)
    Type: 60 sec
    Account Type: Demo

  63. bgallotte says:

    After 2 weeks for winning days I had my first drawnback today… 3-5
    Made some mistakes and hesitated a bit today for some reason. Still positive overall though… WILL BE BACK STRONGER THAN EVER THOUGH…

  64. Chuck says:

    4-0 today 2 at 120s and 2 at 300 seconds.
    Another ‘boring’ but great day!
    Thanks Franco!

  65. davidcollymore says:

    6-0 on Monday!
    Thank you very much franco

  66. Scotty8591 says:

    Hi all,

    After 6-2 yesterday I decided to get fair dinkum

    10-0 today with 4 lots of 3rd martingales and 6 standard wins….

    See ya

  67. psilocybin says:

    2-2, 5 day’s of losses in a row. But the losses are becoming smaller everyday.

    First day was 180 dollar, today only 12. So I see improvement.

    Tomorrow I will win.

  68. zul says:

    2-0 today. only take the strongest signal. thanks franco πŸ˜‰

  69. bgallotte says:

    August 19th score – 7-0

  70. admin says:

    Good Job Team

  71. Armani says:

    Only got 1-0 today but it was a 500 dollar trade so 350 in 2 minutes not bad thanks Franco!!!!!!!

  72. Alex5 says:

    Today I got a 6-0 on my real account! thanks a lot Franco! πŸ™‚

  73. Chuck says:

    Another great day!
    6-1 with no mart and ended the day with a 2nd candle mart that took me to 7-1.
    Thanks much Franco as always!

  74. Ruwan says:

    I really appreciate your help Franco. I don’t have words to tell you. Today my score 10-0
    Thanks Lot
    God bless you

  75. Irina says:

    6-0 I’m done! Thank you Franco
    What a good Monday))))))))))

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